Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Good luck, lady

There's a story in the Times today about how the proposed Republican health plan would affect millions. One of the people it spotlights is a woman in North Carolina. I guess I'm supposed to feel sympathy for her but I don't.  

She "said she voted for President Trump in the hope he could make insurance more affordable. But on Tuesday, Ms. Brawley, 55, was feeling increasingly nervous based on what she had heard about the new plan from television news reports. She pays about $260 per month for a Blue Cross plan and receives a subsidy of $724 per month to cover the rest of her premium. Under the House plan, she would receive $3,500 a year in tax credits — $5,188 less than she gets under the Affordable Care Act. “This is my second year with the Obama insurance,” she continued, “but before then, I didn’t have any and didn’t go to the doctor.” She and her husband voted for Mr. Trump — the first time she had voted in her life — she said, because “I thought he would make it better.” 

Oh, and "she underwent a liver biopsy on Monday after her doctor found that she has an autoimmune liver disease. “If I didn’t have insurance, these doctors wouldn’t see me.” 

So to recap: she had never had insurance before, and was finally able to get it under Obamacare, which is providing generous subsidies, and likely saving her life. She had never voted before but decided to cast her first vote for Trump, in the hope he would "make it better." 

Good luck, lady.


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