Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The not very bright, in fact, quite confused, unfriendly skies of United Airlines

Do the customer service reps at United Airlines even read the emails sent to them? And if they do, do they understand them?

When I have to contact companies, I write somewhat concisely and sensibly and politely, I really, really do. Apparently, United employs some folks who don't read sensibly.

Or maybe they do and just like to dick you around.

Long story short, back in May they offered 500 bonus miles in their MileagePlus frequent flyer program if you completed two out of four activities. When I did not get the bonus miles, I sent, what I thought, was a simple, polite inquiry. This is a verbatim email exchange with their reps.

(And, yes, I know this is not the worst thing United has done, but Jesus is it annoying when they don't seem to understand not particularly complicated sentences.).

Hi United,
I signed up for the 500 bonus miles offer of May 23 (awarded if used 2 of the options available). I completed an Opinion Miles Club Survey on 5/23 and made a purchase on through Mileage Plus Shopping on 6/2, and both of these activities have posted to my account but the bonus miles have not. Can you help.

We’re always glad to hear from MileagePlus® members like you. Thanks for writing.
The Miles out of your purchases is already posted on your account.Click on the “View Activity Since My Last Statement” link on the “My Account” page to view the flight(s).
In regard to your Miles for Opinion Club Survey you may do some follow ups on this telephone  number 1.866.360.9568
Don't hesitate to contact us again if there’s any other way we can help.
Norman Amis


Norman, thank you for the reply but I have to wonder if you guys actually read the initial note? As I said, the points for the purchase and opinion club survey were posted, it is the 500 bonus points I am missing.
Thank you,


Thanks for taking the time to write to us. We’re glad to hear from you.
Members normally earn a variety or different amount of bonus miles once you join and take a survey in the Opinion Miles Club. If you feel that the miles posted on your account is incorrect, please call 1-866-360-9568 for a representative to assist you.
Whenever possible, we try to accommodate our customers' requests and are sorry that we cannot do so in this instance since we don't handle posting of miles from our non-airline partners.  We value your business and look forward to serving you in the future.
Marie Mercado


Marie, holy moly why is this so hard for you guys to understand? And this is why I wondered if you actually read the emails? It's not about an Opinion Miles survey. Let me try again and please try to read this time:  I got an email from Mileage Plus offering 500 BONUS miles if I completed 2 of 4 options, which included a Opinion Miles survey and a purchase made through Mileage Plus Shopping. I did that, I completed an Opinion Miles Club Survey and I made a purchase through Mileage Plus Shopping. Both of these activities have posted to my account but the bonus miles have not.
Do you folks know your own promotions? 
Again this is not particularly complicated - I got the miles for the survey, I got the miles for the purchase. I did not get the 500 Bonus Miles.
Thank you,


Are Norman and Marie being obnoxious on purpose? Do they not actually understand English? Did Marie just skim over Norman's response, saw something about the survey so plugged in answer C-12?  Was Marie giving Normal a hummer under his desk while he laughed at my emails?

Is it any wonder Virgin America wins Favorite Airline of the Year award every damn year lately?

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