Thursday, May 20, 2010

We used to walk miles in the snow to get to a pay phone...

It's amazing how fast things date.

I was watching "Unfaithful" on Cinemax tonight, and there's a scene where Diane Lane is at Grand Central and calling the mysterious guy she's cheating on Richard Gere with - and she goes to a pay phone and puts a quarter in.

It just seemed so ridiculously ancient. The movie was only made in 2002, but it seemed like it was from the 1950's.

Today, of course, she would have a cell phone. And, frankly, I'm not sure if Grand Central even has pay phones any more. It probably does, but I go through there a couple of times a month and I would be hard pressed to tell you where they are.

I remember when I commuted to the 'burbs on a daily basis - and it was not that terribly long ago - there used to be banks of pay phones there.

Now, when they show up in a movie, just 8 years old, no less, they seem like a relic.

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Anonymous said...

There are phones inside where the tracks are but there aren't those long rows of phone booths in the waiting area like there use to be!

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