Friday, May 21, 2010

Hey, am I invisible here?

Pet peeve #27: when a person calling a store takes precedence over me actually standing there in the damn store.

I picked up some dry cleaning today. I handed the woman my ticket and as she was about to turn around and fire up that revolving carousel of clothes to get my shirts, the phone rang.

She proceeded to answer it and spent 5 minutes - not exaggerating - discussing some sort of dry cleaning emergency with the person on the phone.

Uh, hello. I actually took the time and trouble to come to your store. Why are you making me wait there so you can help a person who took the time and trouble to use the fucking phone.

And it wasn't like she was on the phone call when I walked in. My transaction began first.

If it had been a store where I was going to purchase something and not there to get my shirts back, I would have been out of there after one minute. Maybe 45 seconds.

Here's a little business tip to all you store personnel - tell the caller to hold on a second while you take care of an actual flesh and blood customer.

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