Friday, May 21, 2010

Frankenstein's albino gonk

HBO is running the series finale of "Extras" these days. ("Frankenstein's albino gonk" is one of the taunts Stephen Merchant's character says he gets called.)

When the show aired, I didn't think it was as good as the original BBC version of "The Office" - although what could be?

But it really is very funny. The David Bowie episode alone is genius. Kudos Ricky Gervais for creating two of the best TV comedies of all time.

Hey, am I invisible here?

Pet peeve #27: when a person calling a store takes precedence over me actually standing there in the damn store.

I picked up some dry cleaning today. I handed the woman my ticket and as she was about to turn around and fire up that revolving carousel of clothes to get my shirts, the phone rang.

She proceeded to answer it and spent 5 minutes - not exaggerating - discussing some sort of dry cleaning emergency with the person on the phone.

Uh, hello. I actually took the time and trouble to come to your store. Why are you making me wait there so you can help a person who took the time and trouble to use the fucking phone.

And it wasn't like she was on the phone call when I walked in. My transaction began first.

If it had been a store where I was going to purchase something and not there to get my shirts back, I would have been out of there after one minute. Maybe 45 seconds.

Here's a little business tip to all you store personnel - tell the caller to hold on a second while you take care of an actual flesh and blood customer.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

We used to walk miles in the snow to get to a pay phone...

It's amazing how fast things date.

I was watching "Unfaithful" on Cinemax tonight, and there's a scene where Diane Lane is at Grand Central and calling the mysterious guy she's cheating on Richard Gere with - and she goes to a pay phone and puts a quarter in.

It just seemed so ridiculously ancient. The movie was only made in 2002, but it seemed like it was from the 1950's.

Today, of course, she would have a cell phone. And, frankly, I'm not sure if Grand Central even has pay phones any more. It probably does, but I go through there a couple of times a month and I would be hard pressed to tell you where they are.

I remember when I commuted to the 'burbs on a daily basis - and it was not that terribly long ago - there used to be banks of pay phones there.

Now, when they show up in a movie, just 8 years old, no less, they seem like a relic.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Suddenly a Virgin doesn't look so good

It's not easy having champagne tastes on an imported-beer budget.

I'm looking to do a Vegas trip in July (yes, I know, nothing says fun like visiting when you can fry an egg on the sidewalk.)

I did a quick search on the airlines' respective web sites: Continental is showing a round trip 1st class flight at $1,574. Virgin America is at $2,143.

Now, I've noted here before, I love flying VA, but that is some major discrepancy. Unless I did the web thing wrong, seriously, how can they get away with that?

Monday, May 10, 2010

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