Friday, March 12, 2010

Why am I such a nice guy?

So I get on the elevator today in my building and this woman gets on with her kid, maybe 5 years old, and he starts saying, "Go away, go away." And I suddenly realize he's talking to me.

And the woman says, "Oh, no sweety, we don't say that to people, this is not your private elevator."

Then she adds, "We say that to bees or flies, we say, 'Go away, fly, buzz, go away.'"

So the brat starts saying, "Go away, fly, buzz."

And now she's embarrassed and says, "I'm sorry, he thinks everything is his."

I give a wan smile, clearly not humored, and my floor comes and I get out, and I hear her saying. "No, he's not a fly, he's our neighbor."

Of course, I wanted to snarl in the elevator, "I'm not a fly but you ARE a fucking cockroach and you should be crushed."

He would have been in tears.

It would have been great.

But she seemed genuinely embarrassed so I didn't.

But still.

Who are these people who raise these obnoxious kids?


Anonymous said...

Kids at that age think everything belongs to them.

Edward Cain said...

I really enjoyed your blog, thanks for sharing

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