Wednesday, October 28, 2009


My newest coveted electronic item, the Droid. Conveniently, it's debuting just a few weeks before my New-Every-2 plan kicks in in December. And of course, better than the iPhone, it's on Verizon. I hate them sometimes, but their network is much better than crappy AT&T.

The specs look great, including a built-in turn-by-turn GPS powered by Google Maps. Why buy a $200 stand-alone GPS any more.


Amanda Nyström said...

We are three girls living in Sweden. We are doing a big project in school about New York and its interesting history and culture and how it became this fascinating city. We are going to write a piece about every borough in the city and therefore we are now wondering if you might want to tell us what you think about the atmosphere and the culture of the part whereyou live. We found your blog and really liked it and saw that you were living in Manhattan. We completely understand if you don't feel like doing this but we would be very thankful if you did.

Best regards Amanda, Isabelle & Linnea This is our schools' site!

sarah said...

Boys and their toys! :)

Anonymous said...

Hmm it's getting mixed reviews. I think the IPhone looks better.

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