Friday, September 18, 2009

Why is Billy Mays still on my TV...

...selling some new cheap-ass car phone holder/adapter thing? Didn't he die of cocaine?

Of course, now whenever you see one of his ads you have to just look on in fascination at the manic personality. It all makes sense now. Nobody could be that excited about a Shamwow or whatever it was he was selling.

But still, isn't there some sort of protocol about taking dead people's commercials off the air.

Then again, I'm pretty sure there's a new commercial for Walgreen's running that features Nancy Marchand, the actress who played Tony Soprano's mother, who died in real life about 8 years ago. It looks like they are dubbing in her voice though.

I guess the family or the estate okays these things for the residuals, but it does seem sort of tacky.

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l.w.t. said...

I know the ad you're talking about but believe it not that's NOT Nancy Marchand - but it does look JUST like her! lol

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