Friday, September 04, 2009

Virgin America, good airline, bad writer

I got an email from Virgin America a few days ago bragging that they are at 1 million members on their Elevate (frequent flyer) program.

You're welcome.

(And, by the way, I just switched my recurring charges from my Citibank to my Virgin credit card so I will be getting points every month for my cell phone, cable bills, etc.)

You're welcome again.

Anyhoo, the email provided me with a special code to get 20 percent off a flight, but as I read it I knew there were going to be big problems. The genius who wrote it came up with this language:

Book by: September 29th
Fly: September 2nd and November 18th
December 2nd and December 16th
January 6th and February 10th

Hmm, so let's see, I have to fly on those 6 days to get the 20 percent off?

Well, I can only imagine the calls they got from many confused folks, so today a sheepish follow-up email came:

We’re sending this follow up email as a friendly reminder, and to make sure that we are clear about the dates of travel. So here again, and with our thanks, are the dates that your 20% off offer applies to.

Book by: September 29
Fly: September 2 - November 18
December 2 - December 16
January 6 - February 10

Ok, that's better. (Even though they ended a sentence in a preposition.)

You know, Virgin, I would be quite happy to proofread your silly emails for a nominal fee - how about round trip first class to Vegas, hmm, 6 times a year.

Now that sounds reasonable to me.


pilgrimchick said...

What amazes me is that someone was paid probably three times my salary to write and distribute that e-mail, and look at what a waste it apparently was.

I am in the wrong line of work.

chiss said...

looking frwd for election

Unknown said...

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