Sunday, September 27, 2009

A business suggestion that can make someone a small fortune

I have a suggestion for someone looking to make some nice coin. Start an assembling company - that is, a company that you hire that will put together furniture that needs to be assembled.

As someone who does not like doing manual labor, I would use this service in a New York minute. And I doubt I am alone.

If you order something online, you definitely need it. And even some items purchased from a store need to be assembled, but the store invariably charges a ripoff amount if you get them to do it. Undercut the store prices and you will get business.

Last year I bought a beautiful new media center for my even more beautiful 55" HDTV (1080p, thank you) and surround-sound components. I got it from the strangely named Door Store, and I knew it would be a nightmare to put together: a glass top, doors and drawers. Ugh. So I had them do it.

Well the guys delivered it and put it together in about 15 minutes. They didn't even have to look at the instructions, they had the proper tools. I would still be sitting on the floor today trying to figure it out. Cost to me $60. Well worth it.

But that's a fairly elaborate piece of furniture. I am, I have to admit, helpless with anything that has to be assembled. It is my weak spot. My one weak spot.

I just bought speaker stands from Amazon. They are basically a base, a pole that extends, and a clamp thing at the top that you attach your speaker to. But there's something like 50 freaken' screws and nuts and bolts and blah blah. I looked at the instruction sheet and realize I do not have the time or patience for this, so I'm going to have to get one of the maintenance guys in my building to do it for 20 bucks. He will probably do it in 3 minutes, so, you know, good deal for him.

But it would be nice to have an assembling company to hire who are experts at putting together anything and everything. Or at least has the patience to read those ridiculous instructions sheets with the crappy drawings that make you more confused.

So some enterprising entrepreneur out there, take this idea and run with it. You're welcome.


sarah said...

Lazy! :)

Corky said...

Ill do it!

Corky said...

Ill do it!

l.w.t. said...

hah I would say I will do it for $15 but I made a bookcase once - a small one only 3 shelves - and it took me forever and it's not very solid. I gave up trying to use every screw and hinge that came in the box! lol

J said...

But do you have the skills, Corky? And do you need 20 bucks so much you answered twice! :)

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