Friday, July 31, 2009

Coniving bastards

I thought I had scored a good soda deal at C-Town today: 99 cents for 2 liter bottles of Schweppes, Pepsi, and Mountain Mist (which is a Sprite knockoff. Of course, Sprite itself is a 7-Up knockoff. I digress).

So I load up with a bottle of ginger ale, cola, and the lemon-limey stuff.

Then I get home and suddenly realize they had charged me $1.89 per bottle!

Of course, then I took a close look at the weekly sales flier. It's 99 cents - with an additional $10 purchase.

That part, of course, is in the tiniest print possible. Maybe a .3 font size.

Why do they like to screw us?

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l.w.t. said...

Ugh how can you even drink soda I don't understand? It's like battery acid!

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