Monday, June 22, 2009

Who are these brainiacs who read Too Saucy?

Another genius lurking out there is heard from. I posted recently about a contest Virgin America is running where you have to answer a series of questions within a time limit, using various Google apps.

They ran a sample quiz a few weeks ago, and, um, it is going to be freaken' hard.

Love that airline. Hating this quiz.

But some people keep leaving comments at that post, casually answering some of the questions: "#FF4F00 is the hex triplet -- a 7 digit code for international orange."

Or as another commenter explained in more detail: "just google the three things ("NASA Advanced Crew Escape Suits" "Golden Gate Bridge" "Tokyo Tower"), and you will find websites (including wikipedia!) about the color "International Orange". Just copy the HTML code for the color (it's on the wikipedia page!) and paste it in the answer!"

Of course. What was I thinking!

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