Monday, June 22, 2009

There's a new contendah

I used to think the Cablevision commercials were the most annoying ads you could see on TV.

Even beating out even such normal winners as Shamwow or the Snuggly, and simply because those attrocities really only show up on late night infomercials, you know, on Ch. 9 at 2 am - so if you see them, well, it's your own damn fault.

But the Cablevision ads, with those incredibly annoying jingles, can catch you during a Seinfeld rerun on Ch. 5 or TBS in late fringe.

But now, I have to say, there is a new winner.

Freecreditreport dot com.

Holy shit.


Not to mention, the service is a rip-off. You can get your credit rating for FREE by LAW. You don't need to use these clowns.

Please, Baby Jesus, make them stop.

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