Monday, June 22, 2009

Jumping the gun

I thought my credit card was missing, frantically searched all over for it, even calling the restaurant I had been at the night before to see if I had left it there.

No, of course not. So I called Citibank to report the loss. The rep immediately canceled the card, even read back what my last charge was to see if it was one I recognized, Yes, it was mine - well at least no-one had used it.

She said she'd send a new card and account number within 3 business days. Fine.

I hung up and LITERALLY within 10 minutes - oh yes - found the card, stuck in the pocket of a pair of shorts I had on while doing laundry the day before. I had thrown it in the pocket in case I needed to add money to my laundry card and forgot about it.

Of course, I called back but they cannot un-cancel the card. Pain in the ass, topped off by the fact that I have several recurring charges on this card every month; TV, cell phone, etc - it saves paying those bills individually and I get reward points. But now the joy of having to reapply for the recurring feature with a new card number for all of them. Sigh.

Sometimes I'm too conscientious for my own good.

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megster said...

hah I've lost my card about 3 times. I'm always amazed that I never owe any money that I shouldn't!

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