Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I feel so inadequate

That Virgin America quiz was today, and I just "completed" it.

Ugh, let's just say it was not pretty.

Here was one of the questions: "While chatting with your college roommate, her mother borrowed the keyboard to ask you about sightseeing in their upcoming trip to the US: Hvilken stat har det største stadion i USA? For this contest, however, you should provide your answer in English. Hint: Use Google Talk to say "Hej" to!"


Let's just say I probably won't be getting one of the free tix on Virgin. I really wanted one, love that airline, but, er, are they aware they are dealing with the American public and not the freaken' Japanese!

Now ask me who played Louis on Taxi and I'm going first class everywhere they fly (mostly on their Vegas leg, of course).

Oh well, maybe they'll do a pop culture test next time. Hint, hint.

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