Friday, June 26, 2009

GE sucks, they bring bad things to life...

This is how the U.S. ends, not with a bang, but with GE becoming just another piss ass company.

General Electric used to be - seriously - the mark of an amazing product.

The company was founded by Edison, for crissakes.

Dishwashers, jet engines, TV sets, can openers - not to mention products I don't even want to know about - but most of all, damn, their refrigerators were really, really good.

Not everyone buys a SubZero or a Viking. But GE fridges were a pretty nice product level.

I moved into my apartment a decade ago. And there was a GE fridge in the kitchen that probably was there since the building opened in the 80s. And it worked really good.

A year or so ago, doing an "upgrade," I got new stainless steel appliances - micro, dishwasher, stove and, of course, refrigerator. All GE brand.

Well, this week, the fucking GE refrigerator basically went kaput. The freezer part is going fine, everything in there seems to be solid - but the refrigerator part, eh, no.

I first realized it when I got stuck with a sour carton of milk a few days ago. Initially, I was ready to blame the milk people, then I realized the bottles of soda and beer weren't quite as cold as they usually were.

So I cranked it up to 9 - the highest level on the temp control - what no 11? - but still everything just didn't seem right.

Well, now, I'm fucked - stuck with a stainless steel paper weight. Because, of course, the warranty has ended after one year.

Oh, thank you GE. Thank you fucking Home Depot (where I bought this piece of crap).

If you ever wondered why America is no longer the economic powerhouse of the world, here's a hint: Blame GE. Blame Home Depot.

They sell shoddy pieces of disposable crap.


Anonymous said...

I don't think GE actually owns GE anymore, they lease the name out - that's why!!

Anonymous said...

I bought a ge ultrasound and it sucks. The service sucks. The employee don't care to help the customer and the product is crap. They are General motors of technology. They very nice when your buying but once you've bought the equipment, you can go F yourself.

Rob said...

Nice to see such enthusiastic GE Critics,

I was a dedicated GE employee for many years and was continually stunned by the arrogant, egocentric behavior demonstrated by the GE Board of Directors and the CEO Jeffguano Immelt.

Unfortunately for GE, they have destroyed the only resource that could bring the company back from the brink and that resource is the spirit of their employees.

But no matter, there is always China and India to exploit after GE sucks up all the bailouts available here.

Anonymous said...

If you have a choice and I'm not just talking consumer items don't ever buy GE.

They will lie and deceive just to get the sale and when it comes to honoring their word, well insurance adjusters are easier to deal with.

A client 3 years ago purchased 25 MW electric motors made at the GE plant in Canada.

The motors failed after being delivered 11 months prior.

GE claimed that the warranty ran from date of shipment not installation.

It took getting the attorneys involved.

GE sucks and has an arrogant attitude.

Their compressor packaging division screwed the Chinese on WEP 2 and didn't get most of WEP 3,

Avoid this POS company if you have a choice and if you don't kiss your rear goodbye.

Anonymous said...

I work for GE now, recently purchased from Alstom Power a French Company that used to treat their employees poorly but wow the way GE treats their people is so much worse, they bully their vendors too. I would not buy anything from these thieves even with the company discount because their products are way over priced and it would be like buying something made by slave labor... GE only cares about their quarterly and yearly profit numbers and would kill us all and throw us in a mass grave if their was money in it... GE is by far the worst to work for!!!

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