Monday, June 01, 2009

Clothes call

I had to go into midtown today and I decided to dress like a grown-up, so I wore my beautiful new Jos. A. Bank blazer (400 bucks, got for $165 - ka-ching).

So I leave my building, it's an amazing spring day in the city, I'm contemplating walking the whole way - and then I look down to adjust my sleeves, you know, pulling the shirt sleeves out from the jacket, and I realize that I had forgotten to take the damn labels off the blazer.

Not the paper label with the price, but those damn cloth labels that are welded onto the jacket itself.


But now I'm running late and thinking, do I even have time to go back upstairs, find the scissors and cut these things off. Because you can't just pull them off, they are attached by some sort of titanium thread. If you try to pull them off, you invariably leave thread dangling or even create a hole on the blazer.

Luckily, my little Chinese laundry is on my block, so I stopped in there, they took them off in about 3 seconds, no charge.

But, seriously, why do they put those labels on the clothes?

And don't even get me started about how they sew the damn pockets closed. I've still got to take care of that!

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Anonymous said...

Haha those labels are crazy, I'm not sure what their point is either. To prevent counterfeiting maybe?

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