Friday, June 05, 2009

Can Lindsay or Britney do something wacky again soon? Please.

I get daily email updates from US magazine - ok, since when did they become the official repository of all things Jon & Kate?

Every day it's something: Kate showing off her new bikini body, Kate's new hairstyle, Kate on vacation, Jon with his 23-year-old girlfriend (kudos on that, though!), the sister-in-law saying the kids are being exploited. Ya think?

I guess folks are eating this stuff up, especially when you see the ratings TLC got for the season premiere, but enough already.


megster said...

eww how can people seem to like those two so much? And I AGREE those poor kids are being abused. Not like physically but just being on TV all the time - they don't have a choice!!!

l.w.t. said...

They just get more and more gross!

Anonymous said...

You have to figure they are soon going to be as despised as Heidi and Spencer lol

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