Thursday, May 14, 2009

The world has gone mad

Kate Gosselin Scares Fans at Michigan Meet-and-Greet

In her first public appearance since acknowledging she and husband Jon Gosselin might split, Kate Gosselin briefly addressed their martial problems.


Fans had mixed reactions after seeing Kate.

At one point, a girl put her arm around Kate for a photo, but Kate's bodyguard waved her off. "Don't touch her," he told the girl. Shannon Knapp, 34, Swartz Creek, Mich., told that she brought three gift bags with birthday gifts for Kate's sextuplets. "Kate looked so intimidating - I didn’t even want to bring the gifts to her!" Knapp told Us. "I felt like I might get my hand slapped."
- US

She has a bodyguard? She has fans?


marcus said...

Um who is she?

jill g. said...

That's the wife in Jon & Kate & 8.

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