Sunday, May 03, 2009

This is why the religious nuts will never win

This is sort of like that great piece in the Antwerp train station, and it's why the right-wing religious kooks, the Muslim nuts or the Christian nuts, ain't going to win. People in the West just like to have fun.

A T-Mobile ad shot live in Trafalgar Square in London three days ago; the 13,000 folks in it thought they were just going to be doing some dancing thing and ended up being asked to sing along in a Beatles kareoke.

(Pink is in there somewhere, so not quite an unaware participant, and I'm sure there's even some other plants, but the idea holds.)


pilgrimchick said...

Gotta love a Beatles sing-a-long, even it if is a massive one.

marcus said...

Pretty cool but they should have done 8 Days A Week - that would be awesome with so many people.

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