Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Stay classy, Fox

Coming to Fox: a reality series in which actual companies that are struggling to stay afloat in this lousy economy agree -- presumably in exchange for money -- to let their staffs decide which among them is going to get pink-slipped to save money.

In each case, the company's boss or owner will call all the employees together and tell them someone's going to get laid off. But rather than the boss/owner making the decision, he or she will instead give the employees all the available information about one another -- salaries, job evaluations, etc. -- and let the employees decide who will get pink-slipped.
- Washington Post

Real nice, capitalizing on someone's misery and humiliating them on national TV. They must be proud.


Sarah said...

Seriously do you expect anything more from Fox?

l.w.t. said...

Who would agree to do that!

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