Thursday, April 30, 2009

I take my travel advice from Joe Biden

Joe Biden got some grief today for speaking, no doubt inadvertently, the truth about this swine flu thing, and noting that if you can avoid mass transit you probably should.

I went into midtown today to pick up a delightful new black blazer at Jos. A. Bank ($395 - 60 percent off, ka-ching!) on Mad & 46th. Well, that's a trek, so normally I would have just hopped on the Lex to Grand Central and walked over - 15 minutes tops.

Today, ehh, I don't need to be with the riff-raff wondering if a cough from that guy over there is going to give me Limbaugh-flu.

It was also a really great NYC day for walking, and I haven't been doing enough of that lately anyway, so I went on foot the whole way.

Thank you, VP Biden.

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megster said...

$395 for a blazer? That's uh a lot!

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