Saturday, April 04, 2009

Chatty and pee-ey

I had a Verizon tech up today as one of my movie channels disappeared and they couldn't fix it over the phone (they are very good, by the way, I called at 1 and she said she could have a tech there by 4) but, wow, was he chatty.

Very nice guy, but he had to have a conversation as he worked. He felt the need to comment on my kitchen cabinets (he liked them), on my TV (he loved it) - of course it is a gorgeous 52' 1080p HD Sammy, how could you not love it?

And then he invoked my biggest phobia and asked if he could use the bathroom. Ugh. What can you do, you can't say no, but I hate when these techs don't take care of their business before they get here.

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Anonymous said...

You could say no but that would be akward lol

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