Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Better than a deposed Nigerian Minister of Finance

Wow, look at this girl. She just wrote me an email all the way from Russia.

"The thing is that I will work in your country for three months or so and I would like to meet a nice man to fall in love or just be closest friends.
I don't want to live in Russia because I have not any chances here,it is hardly possible to explain from first time but I want you to know my plans.I will work in any shop, bar or restaurant the agency that i am going through will suggest me some locations. It will be my choice in the end as to what option to go for. So I will have a simple work till I improve my English. And I can choose any town of your area,agency will only help me
to get a visa and all travel documents + some suggested placed to work in.....I will leave russia in two weeks or so (I can't tell you everything exactly right now) and I would like to be sure that I have the man who waits for me there. I will work all day and I want to find a man to spend all free time together to get to know each other better.if you have any interest to meet me I will be more than happy to meet you too."

Poor kid. And even though she is a looker, she is incredibly modest: "I know that I am not so beautiful like Hollywood Princess but I do hope to meet my Prince and I am sure he will be not be disappoined to meet me in the real life!"

Ok, her grammar and spelling need a little work, but, you know, English is not her first language.

If only there was something I could do to help her, maybe some money I could send her - but she probably wouldn't accept it.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if that is some unsuspecting girl in Russia who doesnt even know her picture is being used for this scam??

Anonymous said...

Does anyone reply to those things? I guess they do or there wouldn't be so many of them.

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