Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Close enough

It's pretty funny hearing the blatant lies people tell on their cell phones about where exactly in the city they are.

Tuesday night, I was coming home from a lovely dinner at Les Halles and got off the subway at 86th Street. Between there and my apartment, in the span of no more than a minute, I heard one guy on his phone walking up 3rd saying, "I'm in a cab heading to Penn," just as he was about to go into Uptown. Not 20 seconds later, at about 89th Street, another guy is on his phone saying "I'm on 73rd, almost home."

You know, once GPS starts getting used by suspicious significant others, there may be some 'splaining to do.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes you're just trying to tell them where you are going to be in 5 minutes! :)

Anonymous said...

And of course you've never told a little white cell phone lie!

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