Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Wow that bubbly gives you some dry mouth the next day

It's a little cloudy today in NYC, but it seems very sunny. I was at a viewing party last night, and, with the hubub, couldn't really hear the on-air babbling of the talking heads as the night progressed, but every time a state turned blue there was a cheer. As the only political scientist in the room, I had to tell my more politically unaware friends, after both Pennsylvania and Ohio were called for Obama, that it was basically over, and we didn't really need to wait till the West Coast polls closed at 11 eastern time.

I also got a very nice and classy congratulatory text from one of my right-wing friends - yay RD. And a snarky one from a bitter one - boo FO. A bitter, defeated man if ever there was one.

One of the great things about the election result is that America is already being seen in a way more positive light by most of the world. Remember, the negative sentiment we have seen directed our way from around the globe over the last few years was not because they were anti-American, they were anti-Bush and his disastrous policies. As this NYT article makes clear, Obama has restored our appeal not only among our allies, but among our adversaries:

Even in lands whose leaders are no friends of Washington -- such as Venezuela and Iran -- the election outcome cut through official propaganda to touch some people.

“It’s kind of nice to feel good about the United States again,” said Armando Díaz, 24, a bookkeeper in Caracas, Venezuela, where Enrique Cisneros, a storekeeper summed it up like this: “A few hours ago, the world felt like a different place.” In Iran, too, some said the American example should persuade politicians closer to home to adopt similar political ways.

‘’His election can be a lesson for the dictators of the Middle East,” said Badr-al-sadat Mofidi, the deputy editor of the daily Kargozaran newspaper. Some in Iran focused on their hopes for a change in American attitudes towards their country. ‘’The nightmare of war with the United States will fade with Obama’s election,” said Nehmat Ahmadi, a lawyer.

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