Sunday, November 09, 2008

People are annoyng #28c

It's amazing that even in a week where I feel good about the whole political tsunami, my fellow man manages to piss me off. Especially in supermarkets, which seem to really bring out the misanthrope in me.

Now, I have complained before about how annoying those people are who insist on paying for their tiny little $2.35 purchase with a card and can't seem to do it smoothly, making a transaction that should take 30 seconds take about 3 minutes, while I'm stuck behind them in the cashier line.

But the really annoying people are in the aisles.

I was at C-Town today and was ready to go postal twice (it's probably a good thing I don't drive - I can't even imagine what my road rage would be like.)

Ok, first I'm standing behind some yuppy jackoff at the cheese area. This guy was seriously the stereotype - and I am not exaggerating - he literally had iPod earbuds in as he stood there in front of the area where the cheese I wanted was. But he was just STANDING there, not picking up any, not sniffing any - just standing there as if he was hypnotized.
Despite my rantings, I am really not a bad guy, and I gave him some time to pick his fucking cheese. But - literally - he stood there for at least a minute. After some well-deserved sighing and fidgeting, but none of it apparently heard over his Moby soundtrack, I finally had to nudge him aside and say, loudly, "Excuse me." Then he was all apologetic, "Oh, sorry. Do you need to get in?"

Yes, dipwad. Did you think this was all for you?

Then it was the produce aisle.

Occasionally, I buy a grapefruit So there is a girl with one of those plastic bags, already filled up with about 10 grapefruits, and she was still going.

Well, I could see, just by looking at the grapefruits in the bin, even from my distance behind her, that they were all from the same batch - they all had the same color, the same consistency - they were all the same.

But this nitwit had to pick them up one by one. She squeezed each one. She put one back, she put one in her bag, she put the next one back, she put the next one back, she put one in her bag, she put the next one back...but they were all the same!

I gave her about 30 seconds and again said excuse me, reached over and got one.

First, what kind of freak buys 12 grapefruits? But, did I mention? They were all the fuck the same.


Who are these people?

I would seriously pay extra money to get a designated time in the supermarket just to avoid them.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you don't drive too!! lol

Anonymous said...

Get a F*****G LIFE, BRO its not all about you.

Anonymous said...

lol wow anonymous guy doesn't get the concept of blogs!!

J said...

Hey numbnuts, it IS all about me. But you don't have to read it. Go back to your porn sites, mmkay?

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