Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Olson twins fans - we salute you

This pretty funny "editorial" of a few years ago, "Mary-Kate Olsen Is Dragging Ashley Down" generated more hate mail than anything The Onion has ever done, according to an online chat by its editor.

Apparently lines like: "I cringed whenever Mary-Kate would appear on my TV screen, her clumsy, ham-fisted portrayal of the littlest Tanner devoid of all nuance and depth. And her incompetence was laid all the more bare by her sister's mastery of the role" or "Mary-Kate is not as good-looking as Ashley" and "Mary-Kate could also stand to lose a few pounds" were a little too subtle for fans of the tiny duo.

It's hard to believe American students are 23rd in reading comprehension in the world, just behind Nicaragua, I think.


Anonymous said...

How could anyone think either one was was fat?

Anonymous said...

The Onion rules!

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