Monday, October 13, 2008

The Twitter break-up

Here's a fun new addition to the pantheon of sneaky ways guys can break up with women, joining the proud but now archiac tradition of the email, the text message, the voice mail and - "Sex and the City" fans, all together now - The Post-It Note.

CNN anchor Don Lemon's Twitter feed includes this gem:

Carol I'm working.This is strictly professional.Cannot call you or continue to answer personal messages.Please respect that . about 4 hours ago from txt

To be fair to Lemon, this looks more like a stalker case than trying to avoid face contact. Let's hope he doesn't have a kid with a bunny rabbit.


Anonymous said...

Hah if a guy ever broke up with me by ANY of those means a rabbit isn't what would be boiling! :)

Anonymous said...

Anyone who is on TV gets a stalker, remember the woman who kept breaking into David Letterman's house a few years ago?

Anonymous said...

Ok "Twitter" just by it's name is weird. So most folks on it is just weird. Sorry.

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