Thursday, October 23, 2008

I hate people sometimes

I was returning from some errands today, riding the elevator up to my apartment and not paying that much attention, actually texting someone, when the elevator stopped. I had been the only one in it so naturally I figured it was my floor and got off.

There was a woman waiting there for it, and as I walked past she whispered, "You're on the wrong floor" - but her weird whisper didn't really register until I was halfway down the hallway and realized I was indeed on the wrong floor. I had got off at 17.


Because this genius had obviously pushed both the up and down buttons. I guess people think they will get an elevator faster that way, but all it does it make an up elevator stop at the damn floor.

So now I had to stand there and wait for another up elevator to come.

She was still waiting for her down elevator, so I snarked - "That's strange, wonder why it stopped."

Dumb ass.


Anonymous said...

sometimes??? lol

Anonymous said...

lol and I love how they seem surprised that the elevator going the wrong way stops after they pushed the button!

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