Monday, October 13, 2008

Good for Philly

Although the right-wing bozo who owns the team tried to drown it out with music cranked up over the P.A. system, Flyers fans loudly booed VP Annie Oakley when she came out for a ceremonial puck drop over the weekend.

And she even dragged two of her young'uns, Algebra and Pipi, out with her for cover. It didn't help.

I'm not sure who the geniuses at McCain-Palin were who thought this would go well. Philadelphia fans once notoriously booed Sanata Claus.


Anonymous said...

Algebra and Pipi??? lolol

Anonymous said...

wtf is the deal with that coat she's wearing?

Anonymous said...

Jill G, I think it's a trenchcoat, but why she didn't wear a hockey jersey like everyone does when they do these things? If she had put on a Philly jersey they might have liked her a lot more.

Anonymous said...

I feel guilty for laughing at that - her kids are cute and you can't blame them for the mother.

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