Saturday, October 04, 2008

God bless my right-wing friends...

...because even though I run circles around their bizarre logic, I have to admit that debating them improves my already rapier-sharp wit.

Case in point: I was having a little phone mano-a-mano with one of my more exuberant conservative buds on Friday (she's the same one who noted in a breathless text exchange Thursday during the VP debate that Sarah Palin is "perky," leading me to point out that, sure, but so is Kelly Ripa - and that doesn't qualify her to be a heartbeat away!) well, then the wackiness began.

This little bird apparently had GOP talking points in hand, because when I noted that McCain/Palin would be a continuation of Bush - and what a joy that has been for the nation - she said, "Oh, looking back at the past again."

Just like VP Annie Oakley said during the debate!

Well, where to begin?

First of all, how is talking about the current president "looking back at the past?" No-one is talking about Herbert Hoover - we are still in the deadly grips of W's disastrous reign.

But to hear a Republican - a Republican! - the party that still has orgasms over the decaying corpse of Ronald Reagan - decry "looking back at the past" - how do you even respond?

Oh, I love this election season, when the GOP spins itself into wackier and more concentric circles.

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