Sunday, September 28, 2008

Typical sneaky Republicans

Sometimes is very sneaky. It is, as you may know, a Republican leaning company - sort of like Domino's Pizza (never order from Domino's, the CEO is a fanatical anti-abortion nutjob!)

Anyhoo, I sadly order my CDs (yes, I still prefer CDs over MP3s, much better sound quality) from Amazon as there are no stores near me now that sell them anymore. The HMV on Lex is now a Best Buy, and the closest CD retailer I know of in the city is the Virgin in Times Square and I'm not that motivated to schlep down there just for a CD.

Well, I usually browse on Amazon, find some CDs I want, put them in my shopping cart, and come back later. If you order more than $25 worth you get the free shipping, and I always want that, of course, so I browse over a few days to find stuff I like that will get my order up to that level.

But if you come back later and the price of any item in the cart has increased they tell you - xxx has increased from $14.95 to $16.95 - and charge you the higher price.

Ok, fine.

But apparently they don't tell you when prices decrease.

I had ordered a few CDs over the weekend, and I went in to my account today to see if they had shipped, and they hadn't. But I clicked on the page for one of the CDs to listen to some of the tracks again - Ella Fitzgerald: Live at Mister Kelly's - and I saw the price had dropped from $19.99 to $16.99.

Then I went to another one, Ella & Duke Ellington: The Stockholm Concert and it had dropped in price too.

But those bastards at Amazon didn't alert me, and were going to ship out at the old, higher prices. So, of course, I promptly canceled the order, then reordered at the new prices saving myself about five bucks.

What typical sleazy GOP shenanigans though.


Anonymous said...

Domino's founder, the one you're referring to, sold the company a DECADE ago. If you're going to bash somebody - get your facts straight.

A left-leaning Domino's team member.

Anonymous said...

Try - much better!

Anonymous said...

J - f.y.i Domino's has no corporate position on the abortion rights issue. Our employees hold a multitude of views on this and many other issues and we respect their right to have them.
The founder of Domino's, Tom Monaghan, is no longer with the company. Mr. Monaghan sold the company in 1998.
Thank you.
Bill @ Domino's

Anonymous said...

A misinformed pseudo columnist with an inaccurate attack on a "nutjob" CEO. A call for a boycott that would affect thousands of Domino's employees across the country, many of them his own fellow leftwing lunatics. And no apology or retraction??? What's typical about this scenario?

Anonymous said...

CDs do sound (slightly) better but you can't carry 30,000 songs around with you like you can with an MP3 player!

J said...

To Bill @ Domino's - and his anonymous and then pseudonymous compatriot - although I know exactly who it is, the troglodyte never fools me - perhaps Tom Monaghan is no longer CEO, but he still holds a ton of stock in Domino's, so a part of every dollar spent there trickles down to him, which he then uses for his anti-choice shenanigans. He is a major supporter, in fact, of Operation Rescue, one of the most notorious and violent anti-choice groups in the country. So my original point holds, and thanks, but no thanks, I will take my pizza dollars somewhere - anywhere - else.

Anonymous said...

Thats ridiculous. Companies aren't Republican or Democrat. They just do what is best for their business and their stockholders.

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