Friday, August 08, 2008


Sometimes certain songs get intertwined with something and can't be separated from it. There is a heart-wrenching commercial for the Humane Society calling attention to abandoned and abused pets, many made homeless by Hurricane Katrina, and it uses Sarah Mclachlan's song "Angel." Well, I think it does, because, of course, whenever it comes on I have to lunge for the remote and change the channel - I can't watch that stuff.

But now that song makes me sad (of course, it's pretty haunting to begin with). I was in the Key Food yesterday and it came on the sound system. Oy.

I met Sarah once during my music business days. Very nice and totally in her character to allow her song to be used for animals that are hurting.


Anonymous said...

She's got a beautiful voice. I like when she sings Ice Cream!

Anonymous said...

haha I've seen that - and that commercial is a tearjerker. That is such a sad song though :(

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