Sunday, August 24, 2008

But somehow Obama is the "elite" one

"McCain, who huddled with advisors at his desert compound in Sedona, Ariz., said nothing in public. A nine-car motorcade took him to a nearby Starbucks early in the morning, where he ordered a large cappuccino. McCain otherwise avoided reporters."

A nine-car motorcade to go to Starbucks.

Ok, I realize presidential candidates need to have security, but, jeez, why would you go to Starbucks knowing all the fuss it would cause.

Besides, he could have sent some of his butlers or maids, you know, the huge staff he has to maintain the eight - or is it nine? no-one really knows for sure - homes the McCains own.

Here's a delightful look at just one of them.


Anonymous said...

That's some house. And he has 8 of them!!

Anonymous said...

He's already playing the P.O.W. garbage with this now saying he spent 5 years with no house. Totally shameless.

Anonymous said...

All Obama has to do is make a commercial with this video and say this is just one of McCain's houses that he lost track of. It would piss people off.

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