Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Must credit TooSaucy.org

Oh, Too Saucy is a dot.org now. I got tired of the whole blogspot.com address and decided to register as toosaucy.org.

As far as I know, the old bookmark and address will still work and just redirects to toosaucy.org. And if it doesn't, well, this post is pointless as you won't even see it.

I wanted dot.com but some bastard already snapped it up and is apparently just sitting on it - hoping, no doubt, I will pay for it. Not bloody likely.

Of course, not getting .com is a testament to my laziness. When I started Too Saucy a few years ago, sitting at my desk one bored day in January 2006 (oy!) I did a search and it was available. But then I thought, ehh, why do I want to pay ten bucks a year for a web address. I'm probably going to get tired of doing this damn thing in a few weeks. So I went with the free Blogspot program - a great way to break into blogging, but, of course, you're stuck with the somewhat bulky and awkward address.

But now I have friends with their own little web sites, with fancy videos and stuff. So I figured I might as well bite the bullet and get a stand alone address too.

And hey, I've being using videos for years, you know.


Anonymous said...

The Hoff??? LOL - so weird! (I still used the old address and it worked).

Anonymous said...

Why .org instead of .net??

Anonymous said...

It only costs $10 to get a web site? That's nothing, I thought it was a lot of money.

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