Monday, June 09, 2008

A thing of beauty

Look at that and weep – for that may be the most beautiful drink I have ever concocted.

I spent a long weekend at the beach in New Jersey – my favorite state. You people really have to stop making fun of Jersey!

And except for a work-related project I have to finish by tomorrow, I would have loved to spend another couple of days down there, because, of course, it's about 1000 degrees hotter in the city today than it was on the shore. Ugh.

The killer is we actually had the house for one more day and I seriously almost went out and bought a laptop on Saturday so I could stay down there through today, but, you know, that's a thousand bucks just for an extra day at the beach. Nah.

Anyway, when I got home a little while ago, dying from the oppressive heat, the only thing that could save me was a 7-Up float with Edy's frozen Vanilla Yogurt.

Astoundingly good if I do say so myself.


Anonymous said...

That looks good! lol

Anonymous said...

Yum and try it with mint choc chip ice cream too - even better!

Anonymous said...

And about 8 million calories! :)~

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