Thursday, June 12, 2008

Pookie and Corky

I had drinks with my friend Corky on Wednesday. In her spacey way she called me at about noon and said she was at Pookie & Sebastian near my neighborhood and wanted to know if I could meet her for drinks.

Naturally, I figured it was a restaurant and asked what kind of food they served, but it turns out it's a clothing store. Apparently I was supposed to know that? Helllooo?

A store where they sell $300 jeans, no less. A pair of which she had purchased (on sale, but still). They looked good on her, but, really, $300 for jeans? I can get a pair of Levi's 501 button flies for $35.

Sadly, always the dedicated worker, I had to decline as I had business to attend to in midtown, so I met her later at Redemption where the bartender ended up buying me several free vodka grapefruits – god bless her.

I also made a major social faux pas when Corky's soon-to-be fiance showed up unexpectedly (oh yeah) and I congratulated him on his soon-to-be engagement. Well, apparently that's a major no-no. Who knows these rules? Who invents them?

But, I have to admit, Corky was telling me about a decent idea for a web business. In fact, I may just have to steal it. So if Too Saucy goes dark for a while, that's why - I'm developing this idea.

Hah just kidding. I wouldn't do that.

Of course, if it goes as well as her last enterprise (don't ask), it may eventually be available for the taking, so I will keep all posted when it actually happens. Maybe even provide a link.


Anonymous said...

How can you not know Pookie & Sebastion???? lol

Anonymous said...

They do have nice stuff but it can be a little pricey!

Anonymous said...

I think it's like a pregnancy. You're not supposed to talk about it until it happens in case you jinx it.

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