Monday, June 16, 2008

Oh yeah, it's a real mystery

Amy Winehouse Hospitalized After Fainting at Home

"She quickly recovered and her father Mitch took her to hospital as a precaution," the rep explained. "Doctors are unsure of the cause of the incident and Amy is currently undergoing tests."

Who can explain it? What a puzzlement.

By the way, I will point you to an earlier Too Saucy post about what a train wreck of a tragedy she was becoming.

Especially sad is how relatively normal she looked when she was just starting out not that long ago. Check out that first video of her singing on a British TV show and compare that to her today.


Anonymous said...

She is a mess.

Anonymous said...

Now they are saying she has emphasema!

Anonymous said...

It's sad - she probably isn't even going to make it to 30.

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