Monday, June 09, 2008

I guess that was different

"It was a shameful thing to ask men to suffer and die, to persevere through god-awful afflictions and heartache, to endure the dehumanizing experiences that are unavoidable in combat, for a cause that the country wouldn’t support over time and that our leaders so wrongly believed could be achieved at a smaller cost than our enemy was prepared to make us pay. No other national endeavor requires as much unshakable resolve as war. If the nation and the government lack that resolve, it is criminal to expect men in the field to carry it alone."
- John McCain, in a forward he wrote for "The Best and the Brightest," the David Halberstam book about the Vietnam War.

Poetic words from the same John McCain, who now says he would have no problem if our troops have to stay in Iraq 100 more years for George Bush's ugly little war there.

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Anonymous said...

Almost every single description he had about what was wrong with that war could be used for this one.

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