Friday, June 06, 2008

Enough, already

I went to the Amish Farmer's Market on 45th today. Of course, I could have taken a bus or the subway, but I walked. Five miles round-trip, thank you very much. And I could have went 5 more miles. Unlike some of my more out-of-shape friends who noticeably wheeze just walking to the bus stop on the corner. I digress.

On the way there, and I actually lost count, there were at least eight major construction projects. Hi-rise apartments of 40 or more floors. And that's just on that stretch of the East Side. I'm sure the same is true on the West Side and Downtown.

I keep hearing about the real estate market collapsing everywhere else, but it sure isn't happening here in the city.

That's good news for me as a homeowner, of course. Especially with a lovely high-floor corner unit with great westerly and southerly views, amazing sunsets, 24-hour doorman, health club & pool. I'm just saying, anyone want to talk, leave a message.

Anyhoo, the point is, it's good as a homeowner, but as a citizen and just getting around the city with all these damn construction sites and trucks and cranes, even the ones that don't fall, it's enough already. No more new buildings for a while please. Everyone: stay home, don't move to the city. It's too big and scary for you. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

You should be happy there is home construction going on there. Where I live there are abandoned and boarded up homes and the r.e. market has went in the toilet. Its scary.

Anonymous said...

I think the market slowed a little in NY but it has never collapsed like in some places.

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