Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Two for one drinks, three for one Ks

I had drinks with the K girls Monday, all three of them making a rare appearance at the same event. (You know how the president and vice president are never supposed to fly on the same plane together in case it crashes, the Ks usually don't drink together at the same bar.)

But it was Little K's birthday, she's all grown up now – and may I say, grrowwr, she really is.

Although I actually didn't get to talk with them too much, because, as is usually my lot in life, I ended up sitting at the end with a bud, listening to him kvetch most of the night, so unfortunately no wacky K stories to tell.

But it was actually the first time I got to speak to any extent with Special K – the mysterious, enigmatic K girl. It ended up somehow that I was supposed to buy her a drink for something we were gabbing about – I think it was a cable vs. satellite thing. Then again, her damn sister owes me about 9 drinks by this point, so I'm not sure how that would even work out?

They are a cute funny group though, and can talk your ear off. That's when the half price Jack Daniels at Chill Lounge comes in very handy and puts you in that comfortably numb state of mind by 9ish.

A quiet evening though. The Ks have to do some better shenanigans next time. Thank you.


Unknown said...

Who are the K girls????

Anonymous said...

is that true the pres and vice pres are not allowed to fly together??

J said...

Eric, they are a traveling circus act, currently playing at the Westbury Fair Grounds on Long Island.
And anonymous, it's not a law that the president and veep can't fly together, but they never do in case the plane goes down and both are killed at the same time.

Anonymous said...

lol - you made a bet on cable versus satellite? How strange...

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