Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The real tragedy

Forget Darfur, the earthquake in China or the Bush presidency - the real tragedy is the battle to get out of Manchester Cathedral. I have been trying to get past that level on "Resistance: Fall of Man" on my Playstation 3 for the last week.

And it's ruining me. I have literally been up until the wee hours every night for a week now playing the damn thing. You have to complete each mission until you can proceed to the next one, and every time you get killed you start over again at the beginning of that mission. It's like the worst Groundhog Day ever. And every time I get killed, I say, "Okay, just one more try, then I'll quit for the night." Next thing I know, the sun is coming up.

I had company over Sunday night and she was, er, perturbed that I was sitting there playing PS3 until 4 am. Literally 4 am. My ass was dragging all day Monday. I'm still feeling woozy.

A crack addiction would be healthier. At least I'd pass out and get some sleep.


Anonymous said...

Dude - Google is your friend. There is a million web sites that do nothing but give hints and tips on how to complete the missions on every one of those video games, I bet there are some for that one.

Anonymous said...

thats a great game. when your friend bot

Anonymous said...

Boys and their toys lol

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