Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I don't like it

Chase Manhattan has introduced new ATMs where you can make a deposit, either money or a check, without filling out a deposit form or putting it in one of those envelopes. You just put in your card, hit deposit and insert the money or check into a slot. It supposedly scans what you have deposited and gives you a receipt for it.

Now, I never deposit cash money into an ATM - does anyone, by the way? I mean, really, who puts money into an ATM? And I sure as hell wouldn't trust just letting it go loosely into the machine - but I occasionally have to deposit a check.

Today was one of those days. It was only a $50 check from Verizon, the mail-in rebate for the new phone I got a few weeks ago. (And kudos to Verizon. It said allow 6-8 weeks for delivery and I got it in less than three. I digress.)

So I'm reading the instructions, put in my ATM card and get my account on the screen, hit deposit, the thing starts flashing and I slide in the check which it scoops up and - nothing. After a minute, it spits it out and says it cannot be read.


But they have taken away all the deposit envelopes, so now I had to go into the branch, fill out a regular deposit slip and stand in line for a teller.

A transaction that would have taken about 30 seconds with the old machines ended up taking about 5 minutes.

That's some kind of progress there, Chase.



Anonymous said...

How would it know it's your money and not someone else who deposited? This does not sound right.

Anonymous said...

What happens if it doesn't give a receipt and then they say you didn't put in what you said? I would rather stand in line although it takes more time just to be safe though.

Anonymous said...

I do like Chase

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