Thursday, April 17, 2008


What a traffic nightmare it's going to be around here on Friday. The Pope is in town and is going to be at a church six blocks from my house and they are already setting up the NYPD crowd barriers around that block.

Meanwhile, "Gossip Girl" is, as always, filming not too far from here.

Hmm, now which one of these people would I rather see?

Oh yeah, real tough call.

On the positive, Schaller & Weber, the German butcher that's been on Second Ave. for something like 100 years, ever since this area used to be called Germantown (I think it was dissolved by the city council when First Avenue invaded the French neighborhood in midtown in the 1930s) is welcoming the Pope to the 'hood with a special Popewurst - so that might be worth checking out.


Anonymous said...

Popewurst? What is that?? lol

Anonymous said...

The blonde - damnnn! I might have to start watching that show now lol

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