Sunday, April 20, 2008

Mother fucker

What the fuck? I tune in CBS at 8 to watch Big Brother, one of the few shows I actually watch on network TV these days, and Ch. 2 in New York (I don't think it was on the network) pre-empts it to show the Pope's departure from New York. With Dick Fucking Cheney and his fugly wife, no less, introducing him.

They must have been flooded with complaints, because when I called the main CBS line (212) 975-4321 to voice my, er, displeasure with this, no-one answered. It rang a few times, then it stopped, and then....nothing. Not even a tape.

Luckily, I had some secret CBS numbers to call. Not that my complaint will mean anything to them. But still, how dare they stop taking complaints from viewers. Incredibly frustrating, incredibly counter-productive.

You know, it's bad enough having to miss a favorite show for the Pope, but for the epitome of dark evil, Cheney, and his skank of a wife, Lynn, well, it's just way too much.

This news "event" could be seen on every goddamn cable news network, not to mention locally on NY1 - but some reason, WCBS felt they also had to show the same pool feed.

And the broadcast outlets wonder why they are losing viewers?


Anonymous said...

I think it was pre-empted for about 45 minutes everywhere on the East.

Anonymous said...

LOL is it Cheney or the pope that was so annoying?

Anonymous said...

BB sort of sucks this year. I don't like any of them.

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