Friday, April 11, 2008

Did I ever mention how cute Tina Fey is?

You know, I've been sick with a nasty spring cold the last few days - feverish, coughing, stuffy nose, aching muscles - thank god for my new Sony Playstation 3 and my hi-def TV and my latest addiction, Fancast, to keep me occupied.

Even with the several hundred channels supplied by Time Warner - Crime Warner as some call it on the bulletin board I occasionally pop into where we bitch about their HD offerings - it's easy to get bored midday when there is absolutely nothing to be found on TV.

So Fancast is letting me watch the second season of "30 Rock." I can't believe I never originally watched this show as it's airing on NBC.

Full-length episodes are here and Tina Fey is really adorable in it, although she is married and has a kid, which, you know, drops her about 30 points. Luckily, her sense of humor and those nerdy but sexy glasses save her.


Anonymous said...

The episode where Alec Baldwin wants to put Seinfeld in every NBC show was very very funny.

Anonymous said...

I never really like her on Saturday Night but I have to admit she's pretty good on this.

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