Thursday, April 24, 2008

Captcha this

I've been having to log on a bunch of different web sites recently, register with them, give them an email address and password, comment on them. It's time consuming - and one of the most annoying aspects is dealing with the captcha.

Those are those weird letters and numbers that many sites use where you have to type in manually what is in a box in the registration process to prove you're not a robot program that will deluge them with spam.

I understand why they do it, but, jeez, those things are ridiculously hard to read. The characters are blurry and wavy, they often have lines through them, half the time you can't tell if it's a "1" or an "l" or a "q" or a "g" and you end up having to try it about four times before it finally generates a captcha that you can actually read.

Can't they make them actual words instead of random characters, so at least you have a slight chance of figuring out what they are?


Anonymous said...

That's what those things are called - how did you know that? lol I always wondered about them.

Anonymous said...

LOl I had to do one about 5 times a few days ago and everytime I got it wrong it seemed to make a harder one.

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