Saturday, April 12, 2008

Am I in Kansas?

Slave to trends that I am, I joined Facebook some time ago but never really paid any attention to it, or even used it, honestly, until a month or so ago when a former co-worker joined and started rounding up other former co-workers and i started looking at it more often.

Today I was looking at an application on it which tells you what the five top books in your local area are. (And I'm not even sure what that means, by the way - best selling, most read? It doesn't really explain.)

Anyway, listed for New York:

1. Harry Potter
2. Catcher in the Rye
3. The Great Gatsby
4. To Kill a Mockingbird
5. The Bible


Did I wake up in a middle school library circa 1964? (except for Harry, of course - and why is that number 1 in NY effen City?)


Anonymous said...

Facebook? Soooo last year - linkedin is the big one now! :)

Anonymous said...

I know it annoys you but there are a LOT of kids in NYC. lol

Anonymous said...

I hate when it tells me I might know someone and I never know the person! lol

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