Thursday, March 20, 2008

This infuriates me

I always wonder what some poor new mother in an inner city tenement or a hovel somewhere in the sticks thinks when she reads about celebrities having babies.

She probably has to go back to work at her shitty job at Wal-Mart three days after giving birth - worrying about being able to buy diapers or baby formula or health care for her kid - and then reads that Nicole Richie has just gotten a few million bucks for selling her baby's pictures.

They don't call 'em "bundles" for nothing. If you're a celebrity with a baby bump, what to expect when you're expecting is mega money - if you're lucky enough to sell their pictures.

We're headed into a bumper season of baby buggies. Halle Berry has welcomed daughter Nahla last Sunday, the day after Jennifer Lopez prepped month-old moppets Max and Emme for their first photo shoot.

While J.Lo's love don't cost a thing, the snaps of her duplicate darlings sure do. Estimates run from $4 million to $6 million for the cover shoot that hit at 7 a.m. Thursday morning.
- NY Daily News

Six million dollars for J-Lo. Lovely.

These people are already obscenely wealthy, filthy rich, spoiled rotten - they are the last people who need extra money - and now they make a few million more for having a baby and selling its pictures to People or US Weekly.

Of course, it's in the same vein as when they go to award shows and pick up $50,000 goodie bags. Or go to events and casually browse in the "swag room" for their free Rolex watch and plasma TV and jewel encrusted Blackberry. Or that Paris Hilton gets paid up to a million dollars just for attending a party at a club, where she hangs in the VIP room guzzling free drinks for an hour then leaves.

These idiots get pampered everywhere they go, ushered to the best seats in restaurants, where their meal is often comped by the owner or even bought for them by some schlub making 50 grand a year who wants to say he bought Ryan Seacrest - who makes 100 grand a day - a drink.

What the hell is wrong with people's priorities?


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't even mind so much if they were talented but it's a bunch of no-talents. What exactly has Paris or Nicole Richie ever done except be born into famous families???

Anonymous said...

If Nicole Richie got a million dollars for her baby pictures I will be sick.

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